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 Post subject: < NT > (C) 2008-2012 by NTxC - RIP - ALL NT'S FIX VERSIONS
PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:09 pm 
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Just posting the stuff as he got "discontinued" by the "worst scumbag community ever."

Edit: 2013 - Reality is back.
Edit: mid of 2013 - Reality is disco'd.
Edit: end of 2013 Reality's server is back and he hosts his NT file here http://jk2nt.cba.pl/ and his maps at http://jk2nt.cba.pl/files/maps/maps.php

More information:
The http download source (nt5 and higher) for maps will still work and he might upload maps if you kindly ask:
http://nt.styleh.net/files/maps/ However you can change the path:

CMD nt_downloadServer and nt_downloadServer2
The mapserver needs to have PHP support

Client0 Bug - Note: It never got fixed although Reality said it once: his fix caused bugs so he unfixed it.
The Source Code for Client0:
if ( attacker && !attacker->s.number )
//less damage when shot by player
self->splashDamage /= 3;
self->splashRadius /= 3;
//FIXME: different effect?

programmers assumed !attacker->s.number wrongly
see it says "less damage when shot by player"
it was intended that mines do less damage
(just like client0)

Reality's first thoughts about his NT (might be interesting for Coders)
Aug 19, 2009
For an anti-script, basically you need to make a bind scanning routine in the clientside.

You can compile your clientside as a QVM (quake virtual machine) or as a DLL.

I prefer to use DLL. Why? It gets loaded and acts as a part of the main process. Hence you can also directly check on certain addresses for hacks etc. But we're talking about anti-script, so here it goes.

With DLL, you don't have to make a two-module clientside (cgame.qvm + ui.qvm) due to being able to use exe functions directly if you know their memory addresses. I'm going to explain why you need to use both custom clientside modules with QVM.

QVM's nature is that it is restricted to its own memory space given by the VM_Init() and VM_Create() functions in the exe. Therefore you cannot act and operate on memory addresses which do not belong to its space. That is why it happens that the Q3 engine provides external, hardcoded functions in the exe, called "traps" or "syscalls". You can use these in your QVM to obtain informations from the exe, print out console strings (console is handled by the exe) etc. QVMs and syscalls are there to reduce potential damage a mod could do to the computer.

Now, to make a bind scanning procedure you'd need to loop through the keyboard MAX_KEYS times to scan each key, and scan it regularly between defined intervals to ensure no script has been bound since the last scan.

for( i = 0; i < MAX_KEYS; i++ ) {
Get the key's binding buffer and store it into a char variable;
Parse the buffer with some checks;
If the result is positive, then replace the bind with harmless broadcasting message or anything you like, if not - move on to the next key;

Unfortunately the syscalls to get key binding buffer (trap_Key_GetBindingBuffer) and to set it to own value (trap_Key_SetBinding) are contained and can be used only in the UI module, while to get a constant periodic scan you need the CGAME module and its CG_DrawActiveFrame() function which is called every game frame. So you will need to make those two modules cooperate between each other to get a working scan. I consider this method ineffective and unprofessional, so I suggest using the DLL method which allows to use the Key_ functions directly from the exe, knowing their address, allowing you to drop the UI crap and use CGAME only. (You can find out the addresses in a disassembler, if you know how to look.)

Main con of using DLLs is that you can't distribute them within pk3s and get them to load without some struggles, because Raven Software forgot to include "DLL" as a filetype that is allowed to be unpacked automatically.
You can get it to work though. But that's a whole different topic, complicated also.

Overall, making an effective anti-cheat is time consuming and hard. Your bind scanning function has to check for all the vstr's, exec's, etc.

Hit me on MSN: [email protected]" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false or write me an e-mail to the same address if you need any help regarding the Q3 engine or JK2 itself.

Cheers, and good luck ;)


PS. if you say that not many people use hacks and scripts nowadays, look up the "Detected Cheaters" topic on my clan's forum: http://z4.invisionfree.com/c4_clan/inde ... =1403&st=0 8)

File comment: (version from 17th of october 2014)
ntxiis.rar [3.67 MiB]
Downloaded 31 times
JK2_102_NT_XII_Public_Clientside.zip [468.36 KiB]
Downloaded 33 times
JK2_102_NT_XII_Public_Serverside.zip [4.13 MiB]
Downloaded 28 times
File comment: Newest NT (NT 9 I guess if you count NT Andromeda as 8)
ntxs.rar [3.54 MiB]
Downloaded 42 times
NTs_Fix_v3.1serverside.rar [517.41 KiB]
Downloaded 31 times
File comment: NT mapkit for the gametype DOUBLE DOMINATION..
ntmapkit1.0.rar [933.92 KiB]
Downloaded 45 times
_NT_7_Clientside_Public_Release.rar [505.09 KiB]
Downloaded 81 times
_NT_7_Serverside_Public_Release.rar [3.67 MiB]
Downloaded 71 times
_NT_6_Clientside_Public_Release.rar [413.06 KiB]
Downloaded 39 times
_NT_6_Serverside_Public_Release.rar [2.28 MiB]
Downloaded 46 times
release_5.rar [1.68 MiB]
Downloaded 37 times
NTs_Mod_v3.1_Clientside.zip [263.91 KiB]
Downloaded 37 times
NTs_Mod_v2.0_Clientside.zip [260.42 KiB]
Downloaded 36 times
File comment: Very rare file as Reality officially never released a version of it. This NT version is good for FFA - you can join a jk2 server with NT 3.1 without having the client so you have all NT fixes but still you can use all your mods and haxes.
NTs_Fix_v3.1_Serverside.zip [609.71 KiB]
Downloaded 42 times
NTs_Fix_v2.0_Serverside.zip [567.34 KiB]
Downloaded 41 times

Like my Father Before Me, I am An Assassin. http://youtu.be/JbldtyLgkEA
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 Post subject: Re: < NT > (C) 2008-2012 by NTxC - RIP
PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:59 pm 
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Joined: Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:22 pm
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Och c'mon, you're just scared to release a new version because you know u won't fix my bypass with it.
Better to shut NT down then I guess. The easier way to get out of the situation huh.
Bye unreality, you won't be missed.

Btw, I lulzed hard when realizing I just destroyed NT with the simplest bypass possible.

For reference: http://www.youtube.com/snotchjk2




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